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Items punkys owns

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1 Vals Introduction -- Ufts -&- Wish lists

(Not seeking gbc) for anything here slowly moving stuff to gallery for a 1 cap sale spot please see gallery thanks - My 1 and only neopet acct. is bunnyboobunnywoomom so all mail will be from there , all items sent from there and all items will come to bunnyboobunnywoomom - I have boxes and can do multiplies but prefer easy 1 for 1 of htf for hft and common for common btw. - I work so limited on time so if we set up a trade please don't go find it while I'm out at work . Btw I trade by ratio and easy to use lol Thanks val :) Gallery link -- https://www.neopets.com/gallery/?gu=bunnyboobunnywoomom -- In Nc mall my gallery ufts I have a 1 cap mail me section for any RR retired cap 1 for 1 thanks. -- Please mail if you would like to trade. Also I mail trades I work and found it easier t o find the things I need - I can't keep track so I may mail you more then once sorry not trying to bug lol just on mission to find me some goodies thanks.

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10th Wish Candle

10th Birthday Royalty Wish Candle-1 & Golden 10th Birthday Wish Candle-1 -- Non wears -- In my gallery

This list is empty.

11th Wish Candle

11th Birthday Shooting Stars Wish Candle-2 & 11th Birthday Tropic Breeze Wish Candle-3 -- Non wears -- In my gallery

This list is empty.

14th Wish Candle

14th Birthday Fairgrounds Wish Candle-4 & 14th Birthday Pool Party Wish Candle-2 -- Non wears -- In my gallery

This list is empty.

15th Birthday Day Wish Candle

15th Birthday Bath Day Wish Candle - 10

This list is empty.

Dyeworks uft

This list is empty.

Easy to use pretties! uft

(Not) seeking Buys , custom or common wish list please.

This list is empty.

Gram Altador Cup Celebratory Gram

Gram Altador Cup Fan Gram 3

Gram Black Heart Sweetheart Gram 13

Gram Blue Holiday Cracker Gram 3

Gram Candy & Hearts Sweetheart Gram 3

Gram Flower Sweetheart Gram 7

Gram Green Star 3rd Birthday Gram 1

Gram Heart Breaker Sweetheart Gram 11

Gram Heart Broken Sweetheart Gram 7

Gram Heartfelt Sweetheart Gram 23

Gram Queen of Hearts Sweetheart Gram 11

Gram Red Holiday Cracker Gram 9

Gram Rustic Love Sweetheart Gram 7

Gram Snowy Holiday Cracker Gram 16

Gram Sparkling Purple Sweetheart Gram 1

Gram Sweet Treats Sweetheart Gram 1

Hard to find or Very hard to find

Very hard to find not looking for common or custom.

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Mme's uft

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New not sorted yet

Just a list of stuff I throw in not sure how I value em yet?

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