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0. Notes

I currently have: 4 box(es)
- I'm seeking my wishes and GBCs only.
- I'll trade everything for my priority wishes.

If you have one of my wishes, please mail me. ^-^

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1. Highlights/Closet

Only UFT for my high priority wishes.

This list is empty.

1.2 Lending

I lend these items for 1 GBC. (:

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2.5 Wings ~ UFT

3. My add (mauro_bueno) ~ UFT

Trading only for GBCs
Boxes: 0

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Items ClaraDB wants

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NC Wishlist

Thank you arsenickitten for the Dark Wig and Fedora!
Thank you fairywings44 for the Daring Sea Captain Spyglass!
Thank you skuria99 for the Golden Key Necklace!
Thank you so much flaries for the Plaid Shirt and Jumper!
Thank you so much redlinepichu for the Rock Star Microphone!
Thank you Cah for all the items!

Items marked with 99 is my highest priority
Items marked with 22 is my lowest priority

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NP Wishlist

Thank you flizomica for the Space Gypsy Xweetok Gloves!
Thank you charliews for the On the Go Cybunny Shoes!
Thank you nineoneone_ for the Black Eye Shadow!

This list is empty.
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