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Mail me (dream_wave711) if you need any of these clothes! You must have an unclothed neopet of the species/color that I have the clothes for. You also must have an in and out transfer!

Aisha; Basic(r/g/b/y), Disco, Jelly, Ghost, Pirate
Bruce; Blue, Green, Darigan, Grey, Ghost
Chia; Halloween
Chomby; Robot
Draik; Pirate
Elephante; Basic(r/g/b/y), Island, Glowing
Ixi; Basic(r/g/b/y), Sketch, Snow
Jetsam; Island
Jubjub; Robot
Kacheek; Halloween
Kougra; Robot
Lenny; Stealthy
Lupe; Halloween
Usul; Yellow, Blue, Red, Green, Chocolate, Ice
Wocky; Baby, Disco
Xweetok; Desert, Elderly F, Elderly M; Christmas

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