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01. CrookedKitsune UFT

For all my tradelists, I'm seeking fair trades of wishlist items, gbcs, customs, and maaaybe a stray lab cookie or two.

Current Box Count: 5

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02. CrookedKitsune UFT (Buyables/Junk)

If Sunnyneo lists something as retiring, I'll move it to the other list unless it's something reeeeally ugly and undesirable.

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Items Kyt wants

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00. High-Priority Wishlist

Stuff I'm actively hunting for, usually to complete a specific customization.

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01. Wishlist

Stuff that I want for my current pets' customization. I'm not aggressively or desperately hunting for them, but I'm slowly knocking them out, and I'm definitely interested if you're offering!

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02. Low Priority Wishlist

Stuff I need that's less essential. Probably not gonna trade for these outright, but I'd be willing to part with buyables for them, or to use them to round out an unevenly valued trade.

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