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* Hi there~

Hello! I'm Jill (^-^).

I'm (generally) not seeking items unless they are on my wishlists...but I might be tempted by GBCs or Upcycle FCs! My inbox is always open - I'm not necessarily on daily, but I'm fairly active, so you should probably hear back within a few days.


Nostalgic Token WL (!=priority)
Released: Faerie Hissi, Faerie Lenny, !Faerie Pteri!
Unreleased: Plushie Gnorbu, Plushie Kau, Baby Kougra, Plushie Kougra, RG Mynci

Last updated on 2/9/24

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Buyables / 2-for-1 GBC Sale

Will trade any two items for one GBC. (If I decline the trade, it's probably because both items are on different boxless sides, haha)

This list is empty.

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