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Items Ardeney owns

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00. Quick Notes :)

Current as of Feb 1, 2023

Numbers = Quantity

Everything shown is 100% UFT. No HTPW or VHTPW stuff :)

While I'd prefer to trade for items that I'm seeking, I'm open to other offers too, just ask :)

I describe myself best as a 'vibes-based' trader who isn't too fussed with values. At the end of the day we're just trying to make our pixel pets look good.

If you're interested, feel free to send me a neomail but do keep in mind that I work full-time and I'm not constantly online. That said, I will do my absolute best to reply in a timely fashion :)

[For those curious, I'm the same time zone as NST]

This list is empty.

02. Other UFT

Bc a girl got tew many extras

This list is empty.

03. Mutant and Maraquan UFT

I will literally never ever own a mutant or maraquan pet. I'm not picky with these items AT ALL. Like if they aren't traded, I'll probably just use an upcycle cookie and yeet them.

This list is empty.
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