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DTI will not work on my computer anymore so until I get a new laptop I will most likely not be trading.

I may be more attached to some of these items than others so please don't be offended if I reject an offer. I don't always go by cap value but more often by how special an item is to me. I am fine with doing either item to item trades or GBCs.

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1) Family

They are either items I use a lot or items I am unusually attached too. Most likely not going to trade this stuff.

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2) Friends

Items I have a stronger attachment to, and or higher value items, but still willing to trade. I may be slightly picky with this list so don't feel bad if I reject an offer.

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3) Acquaintances

I like these items but have little attachment to them or they buyable/easily replaced. I might go 2:1 on some, but not all.

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4) Strangers

I either don't use or don't like these items. All are 2:1.

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