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*** Reserved ***

Pre-trade for Mutant Mayhem Mystery Capsule

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2. Regular Trade List

I've put all my trades together as I think "highlights" to me, may not be to you.
That said, I pretty much go by ~/Waka but am also flexible with values
Also, I have LOTS pretties not shown so send me your wishlist!
Trading for Wishes, GBCs and/or Archive/FQC/Lab Cookies
Any buyable items should be on my 2:1. Have fun trading!

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3. 2:1 for GBC

I can do 1:1 for FQC when I have boxes

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4. Wish List

If you have one of my wishes, I'm happy to look at your wish list.
I'm also interested in GBCs, FQC and Lab Cookies.
Seeking Mutant Mayhem Mystery Capsule for my mutant side!!

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