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1. Helpful Information

I'm on a bit of an NC Trading Hiatus. Sorry!
Contacting Me
My username is starr234. If you contact me and don't receive a reply, I either: (1) Never received your mail (2) Accidentally deleted your mail or (3) Forgot to reply. Please feel free to mail me again.

Updated on 28 January 2018
I always do my best to keep this list updated; however, sometimes things are misplaced. I apologize in advance if this happens.
Thanks for all the wonderful trades!
This list is empty.

8. Wonderfultimesone - Side Account

These items are up for trade for gbcs only, sorry!

Please mail my main: starr234 if you'd like to trade for these items.

Note: Apologies in advance, but this side is boxless, so I will have to accept the gbcs first.

This list is empty.


These items are reserved.

Note: I will reserve items as long as you notify me if you decide you no longer wish to trade for them. (My feelings will not be hurt, I promise!)

This list is empty.
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