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1. Helpful Information

Please specifically identify the item you would like to trade for as well as what you are offering in return.
Contacting Me
My username is starr234. If you contact me and don't receive a reply, I either: (1) Never received your mail (2) Accidentally deleted your mail or (3) Forgot to reply. Please feel free to mail me again.

Updated on 8 December 2018
Thanks for all the wonderful trades!
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2. Highlights

About This List
Nothing here is hard to part with or a part of my closet. However, these items are only up for trade for hard to find or priority wishes.

Non-Wearables Tradelist: Non-Wearables

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3. Tradelist

About This List

All items listed here are up for trade for wishes, custom or gbcs.
Nothing here is hard to part with.
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4. 2:1 gbc/ 1:1 Dyeworks Potions

This includes non-retiring buyables and things I'd just like to get rid of.

Any 2 for 1 gbc cube OR Any one item for 1 Dyeworks Potion.

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8. Wonderfultimesone - Side Account

These items are up for trade for gbcs only, sorry!

Please mail my main: starr234 if you'd like to trade for these items.

Note: Apologies in advance, but this side is boxless, so I will have to accept the gbcs first.

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These items are reserved.

Note: I will reserve items as long as you notify me if you decide you no longer wish to trade for them. (My feelings will not be hurt, I promise!)

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