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2. Closet

These items are frequently in use. They're probably not UFT for pure GBCs but may be UFT for my priority wishes or other mid/high value populars. In any case, I don't bite or bark, so it doesn't hurt to offer haha.

Note that the only thing I will trade the amongst the clouds bg for is 1:1 for cloud castle bg (unless I am adding it for a larger trade)

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4. Regular UFT

I will accept a fair offer for these boxes permittng! most of these are are also UFT for 1GBC (preferably the new one!) The only buyables in this list are ones which I use often.

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Items shamaela wants

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1. Priority

I want these items for current/future customisations!

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2. Items I would kinda like

Some items I really don't have a use for atm, but I would like to have anyway lels

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