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Info :D

Anything marked with a '5' is on a boxless side account

I generally use /~korolie or /~clara for values

5 Boxes | 2 GBC | 3900 NC

Also have:
- Faerie Quest Fortune Cookie
- Dyeworks Hue Brew Potion
- Dyeworks Holiday Hue Brew Potion
- 7th Birthday Cake Slice #2
- 8th Birthday Sparkler Cupcake
- 8th Birthday Rainbow Cupcake
- 8th Birthday Tied with a Bow Cupcake
- Polar Trousers Goodie Bag
- Neopets 17th Birthday Celebration Goodie Bag
-Candy Hearts Valentine Goodie Bag
- 9x Lukewarm Left-Over Pizza
- 3x NC Mall 10th Birthday Mystery Capsule
- Golden 10th Birthday Wish Candle
- 2x Green Neoboard Pen

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Not particularly attached to any of these items. Will do some as 2:1, depending on the item

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Items creature wants

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*Priority Wishes*

I will give you anything for these items

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Actively Seeking

Main items I'm interested in trading for at the moment

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Lowest of the Low Priority

Final things I'd like for customisations on a side account, maybe

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Other Stuff

Items I like, but don't have a plan for yet :)

Some of these I will be more prepared to trade for than others - please don't be offended if I refuse a fair offer

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Wishful Thinking

A girl can dream :D

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