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1. Greetings!

For items valued 3 gbcs and up, I prefer to trade for other items,
but you can ask if you only have GBCs.
I'm using ~waka for values.

Updated 22 September

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2. NC Items UFT

7th Birthday Cake Slice #2, 7th Birthday Cake Slice #3
8th Birthday Rainbow Cupcake, 8th Birthday Tied w/A Bow Cupccake

Faerie Quest cookies (2) & NC Archives cookie (1).
Retired Ancient Halloween Mystery Capsule (2)
Retired Blooming Spring Mystery Capsule
Money Tree Mystery Capsule (old style)
Jeweled Encrusted Key (2)

5=side account, 2nd number tells me which one.
All other numbers are how many I have.

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3) 2:1 GBC

5 = it's on a side account, second number tells me which one.
8 = it's buyable. All other numbers are quantity.

If boxes permit I will also trade: 2:1 for Upcycle Cookie

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Items mistyraider wants

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1) Wishes for Mistyraider

99=Priority wishes for planned customizations .

If you've got one of these items, feel free to send me your WL, I might have something in my unlisted closet I'd be willing to trade.

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1a) Wishes, just more casual

Some are seasonal wishes, or items I only want 2:1.
Some are dream wishes!
I may reject a perfectly fair offer, but I will be nice about it.

This list is empty.

2) Wishes for The Well Run Castle (faeriegodmother2)

3) Casual Wishes for my scurvy band of pirates (sloppyraider22)

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