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| 2:1 Sale |

2 items for 1 gbc
2 items for 1 custom 150-250 NC
1 item for 1 dyepot/fqc

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Hey there, i have some memory problems so if i don't reply probably is because i forgot to send it, please feel free to nm me again. (And sorry if i reply twice too, im a mess... i know)

I check neopets while im at work and in random times at the day, please dont be afraid if i dont send the item right away, i will never accept if i dont send my part TwT

Thanks for understanding ^-^

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~ Ac. Javi__17 ~

Note: Items with 21 im looking in a casual trades or are less priority than others I don't offer Custom/Buyables for 21 items unless i do the offer

Items I am looking for, will go to the account Javi__17

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~NP wishlist~

Saving for these items

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~PB clothes WL~

LF the pet ~

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