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1) Information

GBCs: 0 // Boxes: 5+ // FQCs: 10+ // Custom: 0 NC

Portfolio: ~Delesti

Updated: 23 December 2018

Note: Neomails will always be responded to within 12 hours. Users who are repeatedly seen attempting to spam/harass/deceive myself or someone else through any means, either via private messages or public posts, will find themselves blocked permanently. No matter how desired an item, all trades with individuals who knowingly and persistently disrespect or defraud others will be refused.

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2) 5:1 FQC Clearance Sale

5 items for 1 FQC. Numbers indicate quantity, not value.

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1) Casually Seeking

Always seeking Cake #1s, Sparkler Cupcakes, GBCs and FQCs.

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