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Items Tralah owns

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2:1 Sale

999 = FYI Currently directly buyable through the NC Mall.
111 = Indirectly buyable through the NC Mall with some random luck.

22 = On side account: startralah

Happy to consider fortune/lab cookies in exchange for these too.

This list is empty.

C) 3 GCBs

D) Not sure what these are going for at the moment. Feel free to make an offer!

NC Items for Future Customs

NC items I own for use in future planned customizations. May be convinced to trade if it's for a high priority item but these are likely HTPW.

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Items Tralah wants

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1) High Priority Items

4) Dream Items

Items I want but are hard to get and may be out of my reach for a long time if ever.

This list is empty.
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