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1a. vhtp pops / seeking other htf items for

hardest to part. some items i dont agree with waka on the value ;3; im sorry!

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1b. vhtpw - straight from the closet that i dont use but still sobbing

ab. the whatever stuff - take it

i dont use pls take - up for casual trades / gbcs/ fqcs / etc

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Items tanikins wants

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I NEEEEEED ITTTTTTT (the tip top priority)

but patrick says i dont need it...

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#1000 or more means i really need these now aka priority

if you have any of my priority wishes please mail me what chu seekin ;w;

2:1 items im mainly seeking as filler (OR IN 2:1 SALES - I HAVE GBCS IF SO) not really 1:1

always seeking gbcs / custom as well !

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