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updated on: 1/2/19 - i mostly reply to messages unless i either didnt get it when the mailbox is glitching or i open the mail, go to reply, have to quickly go do something and forget :/ wish there was a sent box. - also the reason i dont random gift like i used to is that there isnt alot of people trading anymore and my gifting was getting in the way of others trading, i still do it just not alot...

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b. 2:1

everything in this list is 2:1 gbc

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a. wishes

no rush on looking for item:item trades on these (or swap my green for your black apple)

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things id like....

camera hanging round the neck - folded newspaper for the left hand/under arm which is static - for both hands, toothpaste and tooth brush - hh hamburger - hh cookie - hh tumbler with ice n drink - hh popping champagne type bottle - hh champagne flute - hh upright old type hoover - hh iron and board - hh laundry hamper - wearable(scarf?) papoose type with cute petpet baby thing - hh microphone - old fashioned red rotary telephone on a table with hh receiver - hh pick axe - hh mobile phone/tablet/ipod etc - hh axe dripping in blood

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