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0.1 - Welcome!

Hi hello! I'm Sliced_Ramen, and I like customizing and modeling (#9 on DTI's Top Modelers in fact)!

Last updated: Apr 20, 2019

Boxes available: Enough For Casual Trades

Online periodically, and hope you find what you're looking for!

Check out my Modeling Guide and Restricted Colors Models Needed Page while you're here:

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0.2 - Lending

NFT unless listed somewhere else, but I can lend an item for either a Dyepot, FQC, or small wish. 2:1 for a GBC!

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0.4 - General For Trade

I use ~Waka as an NC guide.

Non-Wearables UFT:

  • Jewel Encrusted Key (~1)

  • Retired MME Mystery Capsule (~3-4)

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0.5 - 2:1 Items

Non-Wearables UFT:

  • Lukewarm Left-Over Pizza

  • Money Tree Cupcake

  • Really Ripe Banana

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0.6 - HTPW / Closet

These are items that might be hard for me to part with, but never hurts to ask!

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0.7 - NFT Most of the Time

Super attached to them, gallery, items, etc., so I have this section private sometimes.

Public only for Quest for Knowledge Boots mostly, so some might be UFT for the right item if you don't have them.

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0.7 - Paint Clothes

Neomail me at mikurubeam297 if you are looking for any of the following clothing listed below. In order to trade you must provide the painted pet and have transfers.

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0.9 Private List

Items Sliced_Ramen wants

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1.1 - High Priority

I have reached that point of NC Trading where I am only really looking for GBCs and Custom.

Although still feel free to send me your TL! B]

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1.3 - Never Going To Obtain Ever

Dress to Impress
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