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0. Bienvenue!

Important Note: I have started my masters program and will be slowly less active on neo (specifically on weekends and weeknights). However, I still plan on being as active as I can but I will respond to all neomails in the most timely manner that I can!

I'm very friendly & will do my best to quickly answer all neomails :)
Please do not hesitate to mail me if you have a question :D

Any item marked with '99' means it's HTPW and I prefer to trade the item for priority WL items or if I offer it directly. Prefer not to trade these for pure GBCs (unless I specify otherwise on a board or something).

Last update Oct 5, 2018

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01. Pending trade

In the midst of working out a trade so these items are in limbo and most likely gonna be traded off! but in the event they don't...here they are for your viewing xD

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1. Dyeworks Lending

I can lend for 2:1 GBC, Dyeworks Potion or small wish
These are not UFT!

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1.1 1 GBC sale

This list is empty.

1.2 2:1 GBC

2:1 GBC or 1:1 Cookies, dye pots (box permitting)

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3. UFT: Special/VHTPW

HTPW, but always welcome to neomail and try to make an offer/trade.
Mainly reserved to trade for more HTF wishes

Sorry in advance if I say no to a fair trade. Not trading for GBCs!

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