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Hello and welcome to my NC UFT and Wishies!

My UFT is organized into two sections: Less Than 1 Cap, and Only For Wishies. The Paintbrush Clothes are free to anyone that needs them.

Please neomail mrscornflakes if you'd like to trade. I am online daily!

I keep my lists meticulously updated, so everything here is available. And yes everything here is UFT!

I am so happy to hear from you! I am here to trade! And I do not ignore Neomails. I think ignoring NMs is incredibly rude. If you do not hear from me, I may not have gotten your NM, so please try sending again.

I also have some NC nonwearables UFT here:

Thank you and GLT!

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UFT: Less Than 1 Cap - I'm friendly! Online 07/12/24

Seeking 2/3/4/5:1 GBCs, Faerie Quest Cookies, wishies, rubber bands, Little Debbie snacks, dryer lint,

Idk Idc just offer :)

Number = quantity in stock

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UFT: Only For Wishies - I'm friendly! Online 07/12/24

Seeking only my wishies for these. I will certainly accept multiples of my wishies for a single item. For example, if something of mine is priced at 3 caps, I will be happy to accept 3 of my 1-cap wishies. I will also happily accept GBCs to make up slight differences in values. For example, if you want something of mine that is 3 caps, but you only have one of my wishies that is 1 cap, I will happily accept 2 GBCs to make up the difference. Thanks!

Prices are as marked. No number = 1 cap.

Please neomail mrscornflakes if you'd like to trade! I am online daily!

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Wishies - I'm friendly! Online 07/12/24. Offering GBCs, BFGBCs

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