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1. Attention

Numbers = the quantity NOT value

This list is empty.


Extremely, extremely picky with these.

99 means super well-loved.

Not interested in customs.

This list is empty.

2. Pretties

Slight less picky, but still some of my favorites.

This list is empty.

3. Non-Wearables UFT



Pumpkin Gift Box Mystery Capsule (value: 5)

Spring Garden Mystery Capsule (value: 5)

Springtime Sparkle Gift Box Mystery Capsule (value: 5)

Valentine Flower Mystery Capsule (value: 15)


Eliv Thade Key Quest Token (value: 15)


Brilliant Ombre Sweetheart Gram x2 (value: 1)

Velveteen Valentine Sweetheart Gram (value: 1)

Red Holiday Cracker Gram x11 (value: 1)

Golden Heart Valentine Goodie Bag (value: 1)

Hearts Valentine Goodie Bag (value: 1)


Gothic Valentine Garland (value: 5)

Rose Rug (value: 15)

Sparkling Spring Flower Arrangement (value: 6)


Red Velvet Birthday Cake (value: 10-12)

7th Birthday Cake Slice #2 (value: 1)

Candy Corn Cupcake (value: 1)

This list is empty.

4. Regular UFT

Always UFT for NC customs and GBCs.