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.26 April Current Box Count: some

I use ~waka for values because it is the only guide (that I'm aware of) that actually asked permission to use ~korolie values as a starting point. And if I actually had any populars lol I'd also check ~ala the new populars guide

Hello there and welcome to my tradelist! I'm on Daily and I WILL respond to your mail. Mainly seeking GBCs or Dyeworks Potions. I'm 5 hours behind NST but a day ahead. So please be aware of that when mailing

Everything you see here is up for trade, nothing is hard to part with. (I keep my closet set to private)

http://www.neopets.com/~Enchantrerina Lookbook of all the customizations that I've done on Enchantrerina so far!

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These seem elusive... And Expensive!

I usually offer custom/GBCs for my wishes when I have it. Which I don't at the moment :(

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