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(Gift Boxes: 6)

I currently don't have any NC items to trade on my main account, sorry!
If you're interested in any of the NP items I have uft, tho, please don't hesitate to nm me or browse my shop ^^

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* Closet: ___Midna

Only uft for respective items from ___Midna's wishlist.
ie: Tasteful Black Cardigan // Skull Thermal Shirt

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* Dyeworks Lends

Will accept gbc's & Faerie Quest cookies

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# Online often, tradelist last updated Feb. 28th, 2017. Thanks for browsing (:

Please excuse my junk!
I don't play Neo too much, anymore, but feel free to NM me.

Total Boxes: 8

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~ niimbus_

~ xW00NA

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Items 5h3113y wants

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(3) For my Meepit Gallery

Not actively seeking any of these items, but if I'm offered the right trade I'll most likely accept it (:

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