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0. Hey there!

Hi there!

If you're interested in anything, feel free to neomail me!



Time zone: NST+14


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1. Wishes~

GBCs(new kind) and NC Archives Fortune Cookies are always a priority wish!

Don't hesitate to neomail me~

Actively Seeking=90


Will use in future customizations=99

Med Priority=50

Dreamies! = 500

Found pre-trade!=300


Non-wearable wishies=

Shenkuu JubJub Power Bounce Token 10-pack

very berry ice lolly

Pink Ice Cream Bonbons

Haunted Candy Floss

Upcycle Cookie/actively seeking/


shenaningifts 1 pack~

Always looking for more wishes so feel free to mail me your TL :)


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2. Items that would be LOVELY to have~

7= only looking as part of a larger trade or casually seeking when I have spare boxes

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Buyable NC WL

Pretties I have..

But dont mind having more cuz they're so pretty! 0

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~Looking to replace!

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