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If they are listed as UFT, they ARE UFT. None of that silly HTPW stuff. If it's in my NOT UFT list, don't offer on it.



Retired Festive Celebrations Mystery Capsule x5

Brilliant Ombre Sweetheart Gram x1

Also note, I'm on Eastern Time in the US. If you're offering from any other timezone, I might not get back to you while you're online. I log in every day though, so please give me time to get back to you.

Happy trading!

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1.1 Dyeworks Lending

Lending these items for LRC, FQFC, Dyeworks Potions, 2:1 GBC

NM Me with any questions. These are only for lending, I am not trading these items.

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1.6 NC UFT for 3 Caps

3 Cap Items

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Things I wont trade. Either being used in customization, or just things I really, really like.

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Items lionheart wants

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Actively Seeking NC

I am actively seeking these items. Offering GBCs, Retired Festive Caps and Items from my Tradelist.

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Passive NC Wishlist

Things I am passively seeking. I am only doing item to item trades, not offering GBC's at this time.

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