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A. Don't Look for Dignity in Public Bathrooms.

welcome!! [Last Updated 4/14/18]

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A. PLEASE take it away

Option 1: You give me an upcycle for 2:1 pick

Option 2: You send a gbc i send you however many items as i get boxes.

Option 3: you offer me an item from my wl and tell me what you want from this list. I send it.

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Items Dmdragonridr wants

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A. Actively Seeking, Send me Offers

[Updated 1/3/19]

GBCs available = 0

Baby let's work something out

2 = Will Break out the private closeted items for this

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A. An Upcycle Cookie/Lab ray Cookie

I need em. Offer them for my things please.

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A. Seeking in a 2:1

If you have these in your 2:1 neomail me immediately for a GBC. Item:item trade offers also encouraged if you see something you like on my tl. Give me a call ~

If you have only one item from the list, send me your wl. I can browse. :)

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Z. z (When Pigs Fly or quitting ppl gift.)

HAH! haha. let's not kid ourselves. Offer these things for my things if you're an absolute madman and like the smell of danger.

Ballers only. inquire within.

This list is empty.

Zz. Np wishlist

Dress to Impress
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