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* Welcome!

Last updated: april, 2019.

Hi there! Please mail all trade offers to _grim_reaper (Yeah, pretty sure kid me thought that username was the c00liest thing ever ;D).

I try to reply within 48 hours, although if my inbox messes up or an emergency comes up, I might take longer or miss the mail altogether (sorry!). If that's the case, simply feel free to mail another one! :)

All items are UFT for either GBCs or items from my wishlists below.

This list is empty.

*2:1 GBC / FQC / Dye Pot

This list is empty.

3 GBCs

4 GBCs

Items Friday wants

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Excuse me while I drool / Ultra Wishlist

Offering TL, GBCs & the VHTPW.

This list is empty.

High Priority

Offering TL and GBCs for these items.

Current GBC count: 2.

Also seeking:
Green Neoboard Pen

This list is empty.

Medium Priority

My Low Priority

Offering TL only for these.
Please don't mind if there is ever a time I can't do a trade for these - my boxes occasionally run low. c:

Also seeking:
FQCs, Dye pots

This list is empty.
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