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01. Welcome!

I'm usually online daily. If I haven't responded to your neomail within 48 hours, please feel free to NM me again! If you have something from my High Priority list, I'd really like to hear from you! This doesn't mean I'm willing to part with everything, but it can't hurt to ask!

I prefer item to item trade when working with my HTPW list. I also have a hidden list full of all kinds of goodies, so please share your WLs with me!

999 = Pre-trade. Any other number = quantity.

Current NC Guide:

New to NC Trading? Here's a page to help you get started: /~luculla

Current Count
GBCs: 82 Boxes: 35

Updated: 5/23/18

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01.5 HTPW

I'm gonna be REALLY picky about letting any of these go. Items here are only UFT for special items and never GBCs.

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03. Dyeworks Items

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06. Accessories

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07. Hats and Wigs

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10. Backgrounds

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11. Foregrounds

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13. Clothing

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