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Items valkyrie_ryu owns

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( Boxes = 1 )

This list is empty.

( Dyeworks Potions = 5 ) HTPW

This list is empty.

( GBCs = 11 ) VHTPW

generally I save them for quitting/big discount sales, that's why they are VHTPW

Autumn Plaid x8

Geometric x2

Cheerful Circles x1

This list is empty.

1) Dyeworks Lending

lends are 2:1 gbc or 1:1 wish

These are NOT UFT so PLEASE DONT ASK!! If I have any extras UFT, they'll be in my Tradelist

Thanks Alex for finding a 3-way trade for the faerie wings! Thanks weiami for the Purple Plaid S+Wc! Thanks allison_kitty11 for the PTG!

This list is empty.

2.5) Tradelist - item:item trades only


number = quantity

Abandoned Romantic Setting Background = valued at 6-7

Polka Dot Gift Box Mystery Capsule = 2gbc value

This list is empty.

5) UFT - on boxless side accounts

2 = jaseem1, 3 = meowbnc, 4 = yanglu8088, 5 = shantaia11111

jaseem1: Lukewarm Left-Over Pizza x1, Really Ripe Banana x7

I can do 2:1 gbc for all items except piano, mutant shirt, space tank. The 2 items MUST be from the same account because ALL of these accounts are BOXLESS!

This list is empty.

6) NP - for sale

neomail to offer/negotiate. will beat TP price

This list is empty.

Items valkyrie_ryu wants

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This list is empty.

NC wishlist ( send to account jaseem1 )

1 item for my eventide draik, Lyricelli

2 items for my robot draik, Waza

(might add more items for nekel)

This list is empty.

NC wishlist ( send to account meowbnc )

NC wishlist ( send to account shantaia11111 )

3 items for my water usul, Nemoriel

1 items for my ice cybunny, Dragonlait

This list is empty.

NC wishlist ( send to account valkyrie_ryu )

2 items for my wraith draik, Dubhlachan

1 item for my DW collection

Thanks derangedchild4u for Dark Burning Forest Background! Thanks minkypinkypandakid for Eye Flower Contacts and Gothic Shadow Shower!

This list is empty.

NC wishlist ( send to account yanglu8088 )

1 item for mutant acara, Acccio (2:1 gbc trade pending)

1 item for my robot ogrin, Robotrin

This list is empty.


To the various people who gifted me WL items or other items that helped me get my WL items. <3

This list is empty.
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