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0001. Attention Please Read

This page has ALL of my NC items, so it may take a while to load. Sorry for the inconvenience!

If you neomail me asking what I'm seeking for insert item name here, I will most likely ignore your message.

Please know I may turn down a completely fair offer.

Last updated on 12/15/2017

I appreciate you taking the time to read my notes and offering accordingly.

Guides for my reference:


If you don't hear from me please feel free to send your offer again. This list is empty.

01.5. Highlights & HTPW on sides

Numbers are for my reference only.

2(fy) | 3(ki) | 4(ka) | 5(je)

This list is empty.

02. Main Account TL

This list is empty.

03. Dyeworks

This list is empty.

Items UFT Side 1