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UFT 2:1

I know this isn't much and its less likely to achieve wishes through this but still mail me if interested ^_^ I cant buy NC so my TL isn't that good :x


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UFT for 1 GBC / 2 dye pots .

will accept 2fqcs as well ...if i have extras so just ask ... :) also always ready to swap them for other DW items

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Items Vidhi wants

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NC WL for Planned Looks

Feel free to ask for links of the looks/names of pets ~ Thanks :)

Also seeking: FQC ,Dye Pot ,NB Pen,BG that would suit a faerie/grey.

88 = Priority WL but I always love BGs over anything 77= i love this item idk what will i do with it but i still want it XD

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