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last update: nov 2023

i will always answer neomails! you can also message me on discord @ natakazam
i'm always down for casual trades for non-highlights, so feel free to offer. i'll browse tradelists, or take gbc/retired caps/cookies for anything on my regular TL.
will always offer custom on my priority wishes!

Non-Wearables UFT:
2023 black friday gbc's
2x birthday kau cap
1x dyeworks potion

i also have a starry bedroom canopy (neopoint item) for sale! nm offers/to auction.

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regular stuff. casual trades, caps, cookies, etc is all good!

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tradelist 2:1

2 for 1 cap/gbc or 1 for 1 cookie please take them

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Items natakazam wants

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wishlist: lower priority

stuff for pets that aren't done yet or that i don't need right away. i'm still down to do custom for these, but would like to save my higher valued items for priority wishes unless offered :)

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x - pending trades

pre-trades or items i've neomailed people about for my reference since i have the memory of a goldfish.

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