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I - FREE Paint Brush Clothing


February 21, 2023
Please take the time to read a couple things before you send me a neomail asking for the PB clothes you need!

#1: You MUST have the correct color + specie of a neopet to get the PB clothing! (Ex: Royalboy Kougra = RB Kougra PB clothes)

If neopet does NOT match the color (But matches the specie) you will not be able to get the clothes as they do not match the color that the PB clothes require!

#2: Please make sure that your neopet has NO neopoint clothing on them when you send me your pet to clothe!

It makes it extra difficult for me as I have to send these back before transfer if they take spot of a PB clothing area.

#3: You are able to trade for your pet in the SAME day - You no longer need to wait till the next day to get your pet back.

All you need to do is adopt a RANDOM POUND PET (After I accept your pet) and then initiate a TRANSFER for your pet with said POUND PET.
Numbers indicate quantity!

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II - Spare PB Clothing

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