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1) Hey! Listen!

Don't ask me if I'll offer GBCs, I won't unless I offer myself
Won't do GBC trades above 4-5 cap value.
I reference /~Waka for values.

I do browse TLs if you don't have my WL so feel free to include your TL link.
Always happy to do 2:1s, trade for FQCs/archives & MME caps!
GBC count : 5
Box count : 4
NC count : 50 NC
Last updated : 3rd of April '19

Note : Don't be rude to me. Even if we've negotiated a good trade, I will not hesitate to drop out if I feel uncomfortable with you. I sometimes like to clarify trades in an effort to make trades as smooth as possible. If this bothers you, don't trade with me.

if you ever don't know where to send something, you can assume that item(s) should be sent to my main (zparadize).

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4) Normal UFT

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