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@ *PLEASE READ BEFORE CONTACTING ME* (currently without boxes)

Hi, my name is Lariessa, welcome my DTI list. My time zone is NST +6 :) so I can delay a bit to respond neomails (one day maximum), but I always respond. feel free to make proposals because all the articles on display are UFT... please make fair offers, and I will be happy to trade with you. even so, I'm more demanding with some items, than with others, I ask for understanding :) for values I use

Thank you for reading, and have a wonderful day ^---^


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@ *Thank you so much*

Thank you to all my friends for the gifts. I was very very happy and I will use everyone with much affection:

Allan - Bella - Boo - Cleiton - Francisco - Gabis - Gyn - Hugs - Jhe - João Victor - Karen - Katsumata - Luke - Matt - Melody - Paty - Princess Cheryl - Rafa - Ryuske - Sofi - Tiffany - Vó Bia

<3 <3

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here are all the items I have available for uft.

caption numbers :

21 = 2 for 1 gbc; 11 = 1 gbc; 12 = 1 ~ 2 gbc; 34 = 3~4 gbc; 4 = 4 gbc ....

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PB I'm seeking - RUKI

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