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I'm not online as often as I used to be. Maybe once or twice a week now. Real life is such a time devouring thing.

So please, don't be upset if don't respond to your neomails quickly. But I will for sure respond to every neomail that is sent to me. Please, be patient! ^^'

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Items coded 99 aren't UFT for cookies, nor GBCs because they're HTPW (not necessarily because they're HTF. Just because I like them and find them pretty. Huh.) ,

I also have these non-wearable UFT:

- Tyrannia Bone Bed
- Charming Kiko Lake Wallpaper
- Inflatable Kiko Lake Bed
- Inflatable Kiko Lake Sofa
- Fun Kiko Lake Desk
- Pumpkin Paper Lanterns
- Candy Corn Cupcake
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Items maremisam wants

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High priority wishlist

Items I'm actively seeking for customs.

Items coded 99 are my highest priority.

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other items I want

These ones are not my priority, but I'd be glad to get them one day...but not before I get all my priority wishes.

Always seeking these:

Faerie Quest Fortune Cookie
NC Upcycle Fortune Cookie
Training Fortune Cookie
NC Archives Fortune Cookie

So drop me a nm if you'd like to make a 1:1 or 2:1 trade. I'm (almost) always willing for that! C:

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