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Will trade these for GBCs or wishes.

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Main account

Will trade for GBCs or wishes

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Valentine UFT - Main

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Items Sarahh wants

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Gallery wishlsit

Desperately seeking a trade for a minimonster, please mail me if you have one for trade, even if I don't have what you are looking for. Will hunt down items for this, it is my ultimate wish (:

Will trade my HTPW list for items marked 2

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Populars I am seeking

NOT offering pure GBC for anything on this list, sorry.

Items marked with a 2 are my priority wishes of this list.

Items I get off this list I will likely be trading away for a minimonster, not using. Worth saying as I know some people only like trading if the person is going to keep the item.

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(Not in a list)

There aren't any items here.
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