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1) UFT - insincerety

Send all neomails to insincerety please.
I'm usually on several times a day, so if I don't reply within 24 hours, please neomail me again. I might have missed your neomail or it just randomly went poof, as some neomails seem to do for me...
Items marked with a 9 are HTPW (even if they're not "rare" I still like 'em). So I apologize in advance if I reject a fair offer! I'll generally only trade them for my priority wishes, but feel free to ask. The worst that can happen is that I say no thanks. :)
Any other numbers indicate quantity.
I will (typically) accept GBCs/Lab Cookies for most items.

Please Read
If you are unwilling or unable to give me at least 12 hours to respond to your neomail to trade, please find someone else to trade with. I apologize if I come across as rude for this, it's just a major pet peeve of mind to have people neomail me about a trade, and when I respond five minutes later, they have already found another trade. Thanks!

Non-wearables UFT:

Boxes: 4
Always seeking GBCs

This list is empty.

3) Grams/Cookies

These are the gram items I have UFT.
Ignore the numbers, they're there for my reference.

(22) 19 Black Heart Sweetheart Grams (no LE)
(44) 1 Snowy Holiday Cracker Gram (no LE)

2:1 for a GBC/small wish

This list is empty.

4) UFT- amplifly

Status: 0 boxes

This list is empty.

GBC Sale (2:1)

Everything here is 2:1.
Any numbers indicate quantity.

Pssst... Also check out my grams section for other good deals.

This list is empty.

Items insincerety wants

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1) Wanted - High Priority

These are the things I want ASAP. I'm more likely to part with my HTPW items for stuff on this list.
Psst... If you have any of these UFT, but don't see anything you like on my trade list, send me a neomail. I have my closet hidden, but I might part with certain items for the right trade.

Note to self: 100 means it's buyable/KQ token prize.
Any other numbers are values according to /~Waka (just to remind me).

This list is empty.

3) Wanted - Low Priority

These are items I'm very, very casually seeking.
As you can probably tell, a lot of things catch my eye. I might or might not ever use them, but I kinda want them in my closet.
I most likely won't trade anything marked with a 9 for anything here, unless it's a great deal, or the item is a filler for a larger trade.

This list is empty.
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