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General NC Wishlist

Neomail me if you have anything on my list you would like to trade for. My tradelist is in my gallery. Everything there is UFT. All items should be sent to my havoc_kau account.

NOTE: It may take me a while to get back to you... I have a 15 month old who demands a lot of my time... but i will as soon as i have a free moment. (Usually late at night or early in the morning) This list is empty.

Someday... Somehow....

These items are ones i really want... but I'm having difficulty acquiring them..... Someday.....

This list is empty.

Stuff I Reaalllly Want

Wishlist For A Solar Draik Outfit

I have a Lunar Draik outfit for AlexaKacieJane... Now I want a Solar Draik outfit for Birdie's newest Incarnation. This list is high Priority and I'm wiliing to over-offer items (within reason) to get the stuff on it.

This list is empty.

Wishlist For LittleLadyDreamer

This is a list of things i want to make LLD look beautiful. She is a Faerie Zafara on my side account. All items for her should still be sent to havoc_kau, please.

This list is empty.
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