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Items preciousky owns

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‹ 1. Read, please! ›

› My highlights has numbers: it means that's how i value them.
› My priority wishes are always BABY ITEMS, but it doesn't mean that i'll accept your offer.
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‹ 2. Highlights ›

I really suggest you to check the trade data on boards for these items SPECIALLY Holiday Angel Cape & Wig. Numbers here means how I value them based on trade data of owls and demand.

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‹ Sides ›

For now i'm boxless. If you're interested, i'd be happy to trade for GBCs. :D

10 ‹ preciousky
20 ‹ lorvest
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Items preciousky wants

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‹ Baby (Always Priority) ›

This is the exclusive part that i can say it's a priority!!!

99 means PRIORITY.
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‹ Dyeworks ›

Not a priority.

This list is empty.
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