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hello!! welcome to my tradelist!!

quick number guide

htpw items are labeled with a number 8 and i may value them higher than they're listed or some may just not have a specified value on waka yet

items with a number 2 are a two (2) for one (1) gbc deal

items with no number label are valued at 1

for items with 2 numbers, imagine a hyphen between the 2 numbers (ex. 23 = 2-3 value)

neomail me here

gbc total: 13

fqc total: 0

custom available but only if i offer it

thanks for looking at my wl/tl + i hope you have a wonderful day ^o^

This list is empty.

a. closet / nft

sorry folks i love these items too much and/or i'm currently using them

items labeled with a 5 were gifts from lovely people and will never be uft

This list is empty.

b. nc uft on wolfang_24_13

non-wearables uft
retired altador cup mystery capsule +
dw hue brew potion
may flowers gbc (x5)
sizzling summer gbc (x7)
lemony splash gbc

+ means only uft if i've offered it

gift box count: 16

This list is empty.

f. nc uft on heartpts

gift box count: 2

This list is empty.

g. np highlights / popular-ish pretties

items labeled with a 6 are in my closet and not uft

items labeled with a 65 means i have more than one of the item but they are all closeted and therefore nft

otherwise feel free to nm with an offer. i am pretty attached to most of these items and may ask for more than what they're currently listed for on jellyneo

This list is empty.

Items furibundum wants

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a. high priority wishes

b. mid priority wishes

i kinda want these but i can currently live without them until high priority wishes are taken care of

not trading gbcs for these atm

This list is empty.

c. low priority wishes

i want these items but i might not be willing to trade for them quite yet, especially if there's still items listed under my high and mid priority lists

This list is empty.
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