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main: mightyenafan

------------------------------------------{ C O N T A C T }------------------------------------------

If I haven't replied to you within 48h I probably never got the nmail,
Please re-send. I log in neopets daily. Thank you !

------------------------------------------{ P R I C I N G }------------------------------------------

(also apply for adds, but I may need the GBC first)

21 = 2:1 cap sale
No number showing = 1 GBC
99 = HTPW/just offer stuff from my WL
69 = on hold/I'm waiting someone's reply

other than that, quantity is number of GBCs I'd like for the item.
I also accept FQ Cookies! Usually it's 2FQC = 1GBC but plz ask!

------------------------------------------{ V A L U E }------------------------------------------

I tend to use /~Rheet and /~waka but may give my own price to some items.

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x not with me x

Those items are currently with my spouse. Unlikely to trade, but feel free to offer!

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1. those would looks nice on my pets

Items marked as "96" means I'm unsure, I'll look at similar looking items.

I'm also always looking for GBC and FQ Cookies!

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There aren't any items here.
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