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Items geckobubbles owns

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NC 1 - Highlights

Either things people seem to actively want, or things no one seems to actively want yet are still worth more than 1 cap. Mostly the latter.

Stuff marked 99 means I'm more reluctant to trade it.

This list is empty.

NC 2 - Assorted stuff

Just a bunch of stuff I use either Sometimes or Never.

This list is empty.

Items geckobubbles wants

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1 - Things needed for stuff

Basically just stuff I already have planned uses for.

NOTE: Just because something's on this list doesn't mean I want it immediately. Some of these higher priority items aren't that high priority, to the point that certain medium priority items could be considered higher. My priorities are kind of weird honestly. This list is empty.

4 - Fancy harder to get goals

Dress to Impress
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