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a. Hey!

All of the items on this TL are UFT, so feel free to mail me anytime! (:

Values according to /~Waka
(for my reference)

Last updated on June 2018

This list is empty.

b. 2:1 Sale

(3:1, depending on how many boxes I have)
1:1 for cookies or dyepots

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e. 6~8 GBCs

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Side 1 (billionairre)

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Priority Gallery WL

Starry NC Fortune Cookie
Shining Stars Gift Box Mystery Capsule
Eventide Gift Box Mystery Capsule
Spinning Star Mystery Capsule
Cloudy Day Mystery Capsule
9th Birthday Night Wish Candle
Autumn Moon Mystery Capsule
Looming Eclipse Gift Box Mystery Capsule
Mystical Swirl Gift Box Mystery Capsule

This list is empty.
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