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** helo im etschuh and im in nc hell **

First of all: normal numbers like 2, 3 etc mean quantity. Anything double or weird like 22, 5566 means value, like 2 caps, 5 - 6 caps etc. 21 in my wl means I'm hoping to find the item in a 2:1 GBC sale.

sorry to confuse anyone! :-D

I usually have a few GBCs and custom available, but I prefer to offer both myself.


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000. Gifts

This is not UFT onl to show off, since I got it from very generous people on the ncc! Thank you all so much! <3

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2. Dyeworks Originals I can lend

I can lend these 1:1 for a GBC, dyepot, FQC or Grave Danger Equipment. Please note that the cape and trees are on a boxless side, so I can currently only accept GBCs for them!

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5. Regular TL

I'm always looking for GBCs!

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1. Seeking now

New items or stuff for current customs.

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