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Items kikitori owns

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0. Hello

Active daily as of June 2022 - feel free to mail if interested in a trade!

If you don't have any of my wishes, I may be interested in other items too such as Dyeworks items, GBCs, Cookies, and Dye Pots. I'm open to browsing TLs. :)

This list is empty.

0... Pending

Reserved for a potential trade.

This list is empty.

1. Highlights/HTPW

Willing to trade for priority wishes, pops & HTF wishes, and maybe future pets' wishes - pickier with items I value higher.

Number = personal value.

This list is empty.

3. ETPW (2:1)

Will trade item:item at regular value.
Can do 2:1 GBC or 3:1 BF GBC.
Can do 1:1 Cookie or Dye Pot - only applies to items NOT marked with '2100'.

'8' = on a side account that has boxes.
'2100' = on a side account without boxes.

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Items kikitori wants

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1. Seeking - Priority

Can trade my HTPW items for these.

This list is empty.

2A. Seeking - Pops & HTF

3. Casually Seeking - Discounted Only

Only interested in these items if discounted since I don't agree with their value on ~Owls (high offering, low seeking ratios).

Number = my value.

HTPW items not UFT for these at this time, unless as filler.

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