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Items kikitori owns

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2. Regular UFT

UFT for wishes. Can trade some for custom - just ask!

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3. ETPW (2:1 Sale)

2:1 Any GBC
1:1 Dyepot

Will trade for wishes at regular value.

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Nonwearables UFT

UFT for all wishes:
7th Birthday Cake Slice #3
Several GBCs
Nostalgic Alien Aisha

UFT only for Nostalgic Pet Styles:
Deluxe/Regular Styling Studio Supplies

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Items kikitori wants

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1. Seeking - Nostalgic Neopets

Nostalgic Darigan Kyrii
Nostalgic Faerie Zafara
Nostalgic Grey Kougra
Nostalgic Maraquan Eyrie
Nostalgic Plushie Kacheek
Nostalgic Royalboy: Acara, Eyrie

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2. Seeking

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3. Seeking - Spares

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4. Very Casually Seeking

Can trade my high-valued items for the high-valued/HTF ones, although I may decline a trade. Mostly hoping for a re-release.

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