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0. ATTENTION: __lari__ is my only UN for NC trades (never exceptions), ty!

Hi there, welcome! I go to neopets every day, even if it's just to keep the diaries.

I don't ignore people, if you didn't get an answer from me it's because it never has arrived here... send your neomail again, please! ^^

if you can SEE the list the item is on, then it is definitely UFT (for the right offer) and you are free to make a fair offer... but please understand that I have the right to refuse politely.

You can trade with as many people as you like at the same time, but if you fail to respond to me after contacting me or change your mind about trading, I will not trade with you again. I believe it's a matter of education ^,

my "0.1. a little more picky" list is exclusively for my wishes.

if you consider your item as maximum value, make sure my item is at maximum value for your offer as well, don't be stingy... fair people are well appreciated. ^^

if there is any doubt as to the value of the item, check boards are welcome.

I consider all GBCs to be of equal value (~1), including BF GBCs (I have 30+), so make sure the value in the guide is ~1 as well.

Thank you so much for reading the rules/notices and for understanding. :)

This list is empty.

0.2. regular tradelist

This list is empty.

0.3. for 1 gbc or small wish

This list is empty.
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