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00 / intro

last updated april 2019

if you've stumbled upon here, hi i'm kiley!
i am always open to trades - please feel free to mail me!
i do my best to respond asap but sometimes life gets in the way.

if i haven't responded within 24 hours, please send another nm!
my mail does glitch on occasion and sometimes i'm just scatterbrained LOL

in addition to my wl, i'm almost always seeking gbcs + fqcs.
if i'm able to offer a custom or gbcs, it will be noted in my wl.

happy trading! <3

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000 / my pretties

this list is my personal closet.
these items are very near and dear to my heart!
most likely only uft for my hard to find wishes.
(but feel free to inquire!)

items marked '9999' are not currently uft.

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03 / regular tl

not the slightest bit picky with this stuff.
numbers are for my own reference

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Items Kiley wants

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01 / high priority wishes

stuff i need to finish customs asap
if any items here are marked '99', i can offer gbcs!

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