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i only have time to respond to neomails on weekends now, so i won't be able to get back to you until friday - at the earliest.
i apologize for the inconvenience in advance and ask for your patience and understanding. ^-

appreciate you visiting my list, whether you choose to mail or not.
have a great day, and safe trading! c:

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#UFT (numerical values)

list set to: trading

"quantity" means my observed &/ traded/\for market value from january - march 2019, plus experience with nc trading since april 2010

please value check the item(s) you're interested in to confirm/dispute my posted value, so that we may ensure a fair trade on both ends, because the value posted may be outdated depending on how recently i log on.

and please value check your items that you are offering to confirm/dispute the posted average of reported trades on /~Waka

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