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Items blackmetalcc owns

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To those who may be unaware, here is a list of wearables that unfortunately can not be traded.
(ie Advent Calendar Y20 Frame / Cupcake Skirt)

This list is empty.

* Hello there, fellow Neopian! *

Trades: OPEN | Customs: YES | GBCs: YES
Accepts: Wishes / GBCs / FQ & Lab Cookies
NEOMAIL: cassie_catastrophe_

*Duplicates in separate lists mean I have more than one. Lists updated semi-daily.

Good luck trading! CHEERS!

DTI Beta:

This list is empty.


Currently using or for future use. Likely won't trade any of these.
This list is usually hidden. If it is not, please don't be offended if I decline.

This list is empty.

01. CLOSET [Maybe UFT]

Will likely only trade these for wishes. (Main closet usually hidden)
NEOMAIL: cassie_catastrophe_
"99" - Side Account

This list is empty.

02. UFT

NEOMAIL: cassie_catastrophe_
"99" - Side Account

* * * * * Also UFT: * * * * *

Altador Cup Enthusiast Gram
Monstrous Mutant Gram
Blumaroll Retired Mystery Capsule (2x)
Raining Petals Retired Mystery Capsule

This list is empty.

Items blackmetalcc wants

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Dress to Impress
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